Obras na CE-293 entre Barbalha e Missão Velha estão paralisadas

Duplicação da Rodovia

With an investment of approximately R $ 55 million, the duplication of the CE-293 highway linking Barbalha to Missão Velha, reduced the contingent and practically paralyzed activities already in 2018.

Part of Ceará from Ponta a Ponta, the Logistics and Roads Program of Ceará, work on the Missão Velha / Barbalha section reached a 24% execution in October last year, with completion expected in 2018. The works began in January 2017.

The engineer responsible for the project claims that the work has not stopped altogether. “We had to reduce the contingent due to the rains,” he explains. According to him, it is not possible to work with earthmoving services during the rains.

“The winter is coming to an end, we should be back in a few minutes starting Monday, and if the rains stop, we will be back in full force in three weeks,” he adds. The stretch of the duplication is 21 km and maintains about 200 workers.

Zoom Property

Another aggravating problem is the expropriations. There are, on the highway, some houses that need to be expropriated for the machines to continue the service. In addition, several sections of the road pass through private properties, which also need compensation.

The 21 kilometers connecting the two municipalities will facilitate the flow of production, reducing the time and cost of transportation, and will expand the supply of services to the population.

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